General authorizations in SAP HCM

General authorizations are one of a total of 3 authorization concepts in SAP ERP HCM.

In HCM, data is stored in so-called infotypes. The most important authorization object is P_ORGIN (HR:Master data), which makes it possible to differentiate between infotypes, subtypes, authorization levels, personnel areas, employee groups, employee subgroups, and organizational keys.

A further restriction can be made in the authorization object P_ORGXX (HR:Master data extended check), and additionally via the authorization field “Administrator”.

Further, especially organizational, restrictions are not possible via the general authorizations.

Advantages of general authorizations:

  • Since general authorizations are always introduced, no additional implementation effort is required.
  • if there are no complex organizational structures in the company, the general authorizations represent a lean and simple solution


  • Almost impossible to map organizational units, since classification within the authorization objects is only very rough
  • personnel-individual activities cannot be mapped
  • If there are employees who work in different areas of responsibility, it is advisable to choose a different authorization concept.

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