Senior consultant SAP IDM

Senior consultant SAP IDM

For the expansion of the SAP IDM team we are looking for:

a senior consultant, at least 5 years of professional experience

Must have:

  • You are a JavaScript expert.
  • SQL statements are your daily bread.
  • You have SAP HCM and/or SAP SuccessFactors knowledge to activate and monitor the interface to SAP IdM.
  • You can implement workflows in SAP IDM.
  • You are familiar with the concepts, creation and use of business roles.
  • You know the functions of SAP IAS and SAP IPS and have also already connected systems via them.
  • You are adept at using the standard connectors to SAP s4/HANA systems, Microsoft AD, Microsoft Azure-AD, etc.
  • Dynamic groups are no mystery to you.
  • You have process knowledge around the JML process.
  • You enjoy taking responsibility and are confident in communicating with departments/customers.
  • You have a desire to make things bigger and better and are not satisfied with the status quo.


  • You are familiar with UI5 development for SAP IDM.
  • You bring knowledge in Java development.


  • You independently manage SAP IDM projects.
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge with your teammates and supporting them.