Authorizations in SAP HCM

Like any other area in the company, the HR area is also managed via authorizations. In this way, it is possible to determine which data (in HCM, the technical term for this is “infotypes”) the HR supervisors, controllers, administrators, etc. can access.

A major feature in HCM is the different authorization concepts, which are unique to SAP ERP.

The following authorization concepts exist:

general authorizations
structural authorizations
context sensitive authorizations

The general authorizations can be used in SAP HCM by default.

To activate the structural authorizations, the authorization main switch ORGPD in the AUTSW group of table T77S0 must be set to a value between 1 and 4 in the authorization main switch (transaction ooac).

To activate the context-sensitive authorizations, the authorization objects P_ORGINCON or P_ORGXXCON must be activated via transaction ooac (value “1”) and the conventional objects must be deactivated.

The different authorization concepts make it very easy to adapt the system to your needs and, if used skilfully, can lead to an audit-proof and flexible authorization solution!

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