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With Fiori, SAP users have to adapt to a whole new way of working. Tiles instead of transactions, groups instead of roles. When everything is up and running, it should make working with SAP easier, more modern and clearer. But until it’s up and running, Fiori will be a pain in the neck for everyone involved – including you as an authorizer. That’s why we’ve summarized the most important tools and sources for setting up and adapting Fiori quickly and smoothly.

In the Fiori library, for example, you can find the available Fiori apps in the associated SAP catalogs and groups. The apps are stored there with installation and configuration instructions incl. services to be activated.

Transactions for Fiori:

/UI2/FLPStart of Fiori Launchpads
/UI2/FLIAFiori Launchpad Intent Analysis 
/UI2/FLPD_CUSTFiori Launchpad Designer 
/UI2/FLCFiori Launchpad Checks
/UI2/FLPCM_CUSTFiori Launchpad Content Manager 
/UI2/FLP_DEL_PERSReset personalization for specific user
/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICEActivation and maintaining services
STC01Task list for technical configuration
(e.g. selection of services to be activated,
roles, catalogs)

Reports for Fiori:

/UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHESResetting the global memory
/UI2/PAGE_CACHE_RESETResetting Fiori Cache
/UI2/PAGE_CACHE_CREATERebuild Fiori cache
/UI2/REFERENCE_LOSTTo be executed when an app
“displays “Reference lost
RS_ICF_SERV_ADMIN_TASKSExport of activated ICF services,
http traces
RS_ICF_SERV_MASS_PROCESSINGMass activation of ICF services
via csv file

Cache reset and Cache create is needed if you create e.g. a new Fiori group (via FLP Designer) and it is not available in PFCG afterwards.

Fiori: help and reference tools

Often a missing or faulty service causes Fiori problems. Stupidly, however, they are specified only as a hash. To find out the service name to the hash, the table USOBHASH (Mapping Service Hash – Service Name) helps.

Last but not least, we have two links for you that are worth their weight in gold if you are learning about Fiori for the first time:

The Fiori tutorial helps to get started and explains how a Fiori installation should proceed.

The overview of all Fiori transactions is an excellent reference tool.

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