SAP authorizations: The most important transactions

There are a handful of transactions to get you through the world of SAP authorizations. Not complicated, but you need to know them.

Authorizers are particularly fond of two: PFCG and SUIM. One, PFCG, is the actual tool to create and edit roles. The other, SUIM, to make evaluations of roles, users and their relationships. But beyond that, there is a whole range of other transactions that you should know about as an authorizer:

PFCGRole Maintenance
PFUDUser Master Data Reconciliation
ST01System Trace
STAUTHTRACEAuthorization Trace
STUSERTRACEAuthorization Trace for User
STUSOBTRACEEvaluate Authorization Trace
SU20Maintain Authorization Fields
SU21Maintain Authorization Objects
SU22Maintain Authorization Defaults
SU24Maintain Authorization Defaults
SU25Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SU26Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SUIMUser Information System
SUPCRole Profiles
Report: PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCYJob for user comparison

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